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About the Bumbletown Executive

About the Bumbletown Executive

These adults have contributed their creative and managerial talents to the realisation and expansion of Planet Creature

Frank thumb

Frank Coughlan: Social Worker and Father of Maeve and Tara
Core team member: As a social worker and Jungian-style therapist with extensive clinical experience with children, Frank kept the project on a... More>>

Robyn Brady

Robyn Brady-Mother of Maeve and Tara
As paediatrician, writer, mother, and theatre aficionado, Robyn acts as project manager with the goal of honouring the creative child within... More>>

Jan Cattoni

Jan Cattoni: Film-maker and concept development
Jan Cattoni is an independent filmmaker (Tropic Productions) based in North Queensland, with a background in paediatric nursing. She directed "After... More>>

Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman- Producer (Big Island Pictures)
For over 20 years Mark has produced many hours of television documentaries including the award winning Hypsi The Forest Gardener (ABC), the HD... More>>

Danny Phiips

Danny Philips, cinematographer
Trained at the Griffith Film School and with extensive camera work in Queensland and the South Pacific, Danny was the main camera-man for "After... More>>

Vicky Bradbury thumb

Vicky Bradbury, Artist
Vicky Bradbury is an artist and teacher with extensive experience in the use of art in therapeutic and community work. She is the chief artist for... More>>

Robert Whyte

Robert Whyte - Web development, Interface design
Robert Whyte is Director of Web Development at ToadShow. His role in the Project was to work with Robyn on content and interface design during the... More>>

Rick Caskey

Rick Caskey- Graphic Designer
Another Toadshow genius, Rick designed the website graphics and front page during the AFC funded development phase. More>>