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Design a Hairdo for the Angels' Dressing Room

This was one of our most powerful creative/ therapeutic projects as it allowed children to use textured materials and their own imagination at the same time as remembering a loved one.

The Angel's Hairdos

This project was particularly powerful in our group of children during the middle stages of grief recovery, because it gave them free reign to find their own designs and also to challenge the idea of sainthood! Quite a few designs had black teeth or tattoos... The idea was that, like Barbie's wardrobe, a new angel might be offered all sorts of wierd and wonderful designs to try on. Which one might she like?! What might she say about the ones she didnt like?! The children enjoyed thinking of the possible responses which their friend in an imagined Heaven might have offered to the styles, which created the opportunity for imagined dialogue. For some of the children it was the first chance to laugh in the context of the image of the child who had died, and although this was at first frightenening, it was experienced as extremely freeing in the clearly supported environment of the grief workshops.

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